What is the curved method of hardware stamping parts?

The bending of the hardware punch is one of the basic processes of the stamping of the stamping of the stamped plate or pipe, profile, mold, mold or other tool, and mold or other tools, and is one of the basic processes of stamping.A large specific gravity; there are many types of parts with bending forming, such as automotive girders, bicycle ports, doors and windows hinges, various electrical stamping parts brackets, etc .;

Many of the hard shapes of the hardware stamped parts, there are V-parts,U-shaped parts, Z-shaped parts, O-shaped parts, and other shaped parts; bending methods varies depending on the equipment and molds used; bending forming is typically carried out on a mechanical pressure machine (punch), friction press, or hydraulic press,There is also a special equipment such as bending machine, a roll board, a bending machine, and a tube.

The characteristic of being bent on the press is that the tool is linear, calledA pressure; bending forming on some special devices, tools are rotationally motion, referred to as wrozzle, roll or roll.