What Are Primexbt welcome bonus and How Do They Work?

A First Deposit Bonus is a percentage of your first deposit that the primexbt will match. If you’re serious about primexbt trading for real money, you should take advantage of one of these incentives.

The amount of money you receive as a free bonus varies each primexbt, but you can normally anticipate to receive 1, 2, or 3 times your deposit for free.


This First-Time Deposit Bonus is one of the most efficient ways to rapidly increase your bankroll. A Welcome Bonus, like any other primexbt bonus, has advantages and disadvantages.


The Benefits of a Welcome Bonus


The main benefit of employing a First Deposit Bonus is that you are effectively gambling with the primexbt’s money in order to protect your own.


Consider this scenario: you invest £100 and subsequently receive a bonus of £100. You can use a £100 stop-loss mechanism to ensure that you do not lose the game. In effect, you’re gambling with secure money.


This means that even if you lose 20% of your hands (which is extremely rare), you’ll still make an £80 profit and keep your investment!


How to Get a Free Bonus on Your First Deposit


One of the primary drawbacks of Primexbt welcome bonus is that they can only be used for only trading and you will almost certainly be unable to withdraw the bonus itself.


Another problem with these Primexbt welcome bonus is that you must wager the free bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw your profits.


It’s worth noting that the Sign-Up Bonus may be restricted to specific trading in some situations. Many primexbts, for example, will give you a set amount of free money if you play Blackjack, but a larger amount if you play slots.


Similarly, not all primexbt trading contribute at the same rate to meeting the wagering requirement for the free bonus. The clearest illustration of this is the game of slots vs. blackjack.


While slot trading normally contribute 100% of your wager, blackjack may only contribute a tiny fraction of your wager, often as little as 5%. This implies that a £100 bet on slots will fully satisfy the wagering requirement, whilst a £100 bet on blackjack will only contribute £5 to your bonus unlocking.


The contribution rate and trading that contribute to unlocking your bonus are detailed in the site’s Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions will tell you how many times you must play through the bonus and which trading contribute towards this requirement before you can pay out.


The wagering requirement is usually between 7 and 40 times the bonus amount. This means that if you deposit £40, you will receive a bonus of £40, giving you a total of £80 to play with. In this situation, you’d have to wager £80×40 in order to clear the bonus and cash it out.


Consider the types of trading you enjoy, their contribution rate, and how many times you must play through the bonus to determine whether earning the First Deposit Bonus is a wise decision. Go for it if you believe the Terms and Conditions that apply to you are worth the money.


Blackjack players will almost certainly need to wager the bonus amount more than roulette players. And, if both players place the same amount of bets, slots players will complete the wagering requirement far faster than roulette players.