Utilizing Rage To Manifest Desires? A Modus Operandi

Is it just me, or has any other individual found, sadly, that the standard systems of ‘cheerful considerations’ haven’t been showing their cravings?

What’s more, for those of you who’ve found that to be the situation, a) I’m so grieved and b) have any of you likewise found that there was a period (or three or nine) where you showed a craving utilizing unadulterated fury as the business as usual – maybe without acknowledging it at that point? Think back….

Gracious please! Without a doubt I can’t be the one to focus on?

Doesn’t it just contradict ordinary ‘positive reasoning’ lessons?

Indeed. Indeed, it does.

So what gives – and where do individuals like me (‘us’?) fit into the more prominent plan of New Age ways of thinking in this ‘showing wants’ business?

I have positively no clue and no replies, however I can describe no less than four events where, looking back and thinking back over old diary passages, unadulterated fury fuelled the focal point of my longings and they showed inside only weeks – and once, that I can review, immediately.

Notwithstanding, the occasions where I’ve endeavored to use one or other New Age technique, I’ve felt extremely particular, inner, ‘gracious get genuine, will you!’ energies, and it rather should be obvious that nothing occurred.

No, I haven’t won a lottery (at this point *grin*), yet an ex accomplice, struck by these ‘phenomenal’ signs, asked me to go after a lottery win. Obviously, at that point, neither of us thought to consider what was supporting them up; we’d only thought back over my diary sections, saw what I’d recorded, wondered about how every one showed in minute detail so rapidly (inside half a month – the longest required a month and a half), and expected that all I needed to do was work out what I needed – and – hello, voila!


Ex-accomplice was somewhat of a soothsaying wizz thus took out his trusty Ephemeris one day (before we had a pc), wondering for no specific reason, to check planetary viewpoints against my natal diagram on the dates I’d composed the passages (I as a rule put the date and time before every section). There was one viewpoint that appeared to be available in each occasion (I don’t recollect what it was currently), yet when he estimate the following ‘positive’ angle and requested that I rehash it, this time for a lottery win – all things considered, no prizes for speculating that it essentially didn’t work (joke expected).

The issue was that neither of us thought to consider my enthusiastic state in those examples; it was outrage, increased to the mark of fury. Ideal planetary setups or not, in the event that the fury isn’t there, and assuming it doesn’t coordinate with the craving, nothing will occur.

We were monetarily agreeable at that point, so even had I known about outrage being my ‘enchantment wand’, I’d not have had the option to conjure it, regardless. I basically should feel unadulterated fury for wants to show, it appears. That is fine when it’s unconstrained and very genuine, however have you at any point had a go at constraining yourself to feel genuine, authentic, true blue fury?

So what do I mean by ‘match the journal notebook craving’? Basically, feeling infuriated over a genuine and current situation that I request be changed to a more helpful one. Or then again, having a so exhausted outlook on something that I become totally irritated and request its inverse – recorded as a hard copy – and in minute detail.

For my purposes, there’s little point in craving something that has literally nothing to do with what I’m having an irritated outlook on – for instance – outrage at somebody after a contention – versus needing to move to an alternate area. It doesn’t work that way for me. In the event that I’m furious with somebody, then, at that point, the emphasis would be on a quiet goal (unexpected, when it’s fuelled by rage!). Moreover, assuming I need to move to another area – unadulterated fury over the current area.

And afterward I get my diary and compose, compose, compose! Not ‘satisfies’, yet requests.