Understanding Commercial Dog Food

I want to prepare you for the canine meals ingredients information you’re about to receive. What I’m going to inform you is simply going to gross you out. It goes to make you now not want to shop for any extra business dog meals, or at the least not purchase ninety nine% of all the canine meals manufacturers obtainable. You are going to be greatly surprised and disgusted. You are going to get angry that it can genuinely appear. You are going to wonder why the government isn’t defensive you and your canine. You are going to surprise how this may happen with out more people knowing approximately it. You are going to want to take instantaneous action to defend your dog. It is annoying information and sure, before you even ask, these statistics are one hundred% real.

Dead Dogs Are Included In Dog Food Ingredients

When puppies do not get adopted at canine can dogs eat peaches shelters, they normally get euthanized. It may be very high-priced to bury these euthanized puppies in order that they often get picked up by rendering corporations and used to make dog meals and other animal feed. They get “rendered” by means of throwing them into big vats together with other ingredients at very high temperatures and then chopped up and melted down into one huge conglomerate rendered soup. So, dead puppies get “recycled” back into dog meals. The term “recycled” is an industry term. When you feed your dog commercial canine food, you can thoroughly be feeding canine for your dog, despite the fact that “canine” or “dog” will in no way be listed particularly within the components. At one point, the metropolis of Los Angeles alone become sending four hundred,000 kilos of euthanized dogs and cats to rendering factories. The $2.4 billion dollar per yr rendering enterprise does not point out those figures everywhere on their web sites that tout “recycling” and the multi-billion dollar pet food enterprise (greater than $thirteen billion consistent with year inside the United States by myself) keeps this a hush hush secret.

When precious circle of relatives pets get terminally unwell and the circle of relatives makes a decision to euthanize them or whilst puppy dogs die at the working desk, the bereft family frequently leaves the lifeless canine with the vet. However, most of those puppies do now not get buried or venerated in any unique manner. Just like the fate of the unwanted refuge dogs, euthanized puppy dogs on the vet’s office frequently get despatched to rendering plants to be changed into canine food. That’s proper… Beloved own family pets get become dog food. Never depart your pet dog at the vet’s office no matter what.

Believe it or not, it receives even worse. The barbiturate this is used to euthanize puppies (and other animals covered in canine food which includes zoo animals), sodium pentobarbital, does now not absolutely damage down inside the rendering process. In different words, excessive temperature does no longer ruin down sodium pentobarbital. So, while you feed your dog, there’s a totally excessive likelihood it is laced with a residue of the chemical used to euthanize dogs!

If the dead puppies blanketed in dog food had cancerous tumors or contagious diseases, it does not matter. They are nevertheless sent to the rendering manufacturing unit. If the useless dogs have been treated with effective antibiodics and different robust medications, those are included inside the vat at the rendering plant. If the dog became carrying a sequence round its neck, had surgical pins containing heavy metals inserted, had a flea collar on, it would not matter. Nothing is eliminated. It is all simply dumped in with the rest, routinely chopped up, heated to very high temperatures, and was canine meals and other products like cosmetics. If the dog died of mad cow disorder, the dog could still be picked up by means of the rendering plant life due to the fact vets don’t even call it mad cow ailment. Instead, they euphemistically name it “Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS).” The FDA is in complete denial in this issue.

Diseased and Dying Animals Are Intentionally Included As Dog Food Ingredients

Farm animals so ill they can’t stand up are frequently picked up for the rendering plant life with out even being tested to see what is making them so ill. Often the animal will lay there until 1/2 rotten before it’s miles picked up and brought to the rendering plant. Zoo animals that die of mysterious reasons are regularly taken to the rendering plant. If you feed your dog commercial canine food, you could thoroughly be feeding them diseased cattle, diseased horses, diseased giraffe, diseased hippopotamus, diseased lions, and many others, and so on. Diseased animals are fair game for the puppy food enterprise and rendering plant life will gladly receive the carcasses regardless of the circumstance. There isn’t any law towards it so that they do it due to the fact it’s far profitable to them to achieve this.

Road Kill Is Included In Dog Food Ingredients

Raccoons, skunks, snakes, rats, birds, possums, armadillos, you name it, if it’s miles killed via a car on a motorway, it has possibly observed its way into canine food via the rendering plants. Road crews come by way of and pick out up the animals and then provide them to the rendering flowers. However, they frequently do not get to the animals till they’ve been laying there for a few days or maybe weeks. The lifeless animals can also have already be half of eaten by way of maggots but off to the rendering plant they’ll cross. The lifeless animals can be diseased however they’re nonetheless taken to the rendering plant life. None of those animals are examined earlier than they’re became meals for dogs and other products.

Rotten Grocery Store Meat Gets Included In Dog Food

Did you think they threw the rotten meat away on the grocery shop? No, of direction not. After they mark it down, “reduced for brief sale,” if it rots beyond the factor they could sale it, they provide it to the rendering vegetation. But here’s the real clencher… The rendering plants do not even take off the plastic wrapping or Styrofoam boxes earlier than they throw it into the rendering vat. Removing the packaging might take time and consequently make it less worthwhile for them.