Roof Cleaning the Safe Way

Over the years, contractors have had long discussions about the best method of cleaning an roof. The safest and most effective way to clean a house’s roof is also being debated by a variety of construction trade associations. Although roof cleaning can be essential to maintain the look of your house and often cleaning your roof can actually added value to numerous properties, contractors have be extremely cautious in the method they use to take to clean up a specific roof.

Certain roofing trade associations warn homeowners against the practice of allowing their roof to be cleaned by a high-pressure water-washers and denounce the use of these machines to remove black streaks and algae from roofs , citing that they could cause more harm than good Roof Washing Albany Ny.

It is my experience as a specialist outside cleaner, that such organizations are justifiable in their condemnation. The majority of times, using a high-pressure water washer to clean roofs isn’t just hazardous to slates and tiles; the majority of times, this type of high pressure can also damage the strength to the structure of the roof. It is recommended that only a non-pressure, or at best , a low-pressure cleaning technique is required to eliminate contaminants and environmental stains like alga, moss, and mould from slates and roof tiles.

Fortunately, some companies have listened to the people who are concerned about the safety of high pressure washers and are busy constructing what’s now called “soft washers” for contractors as well as homeowners.

They employ a specific blend of environmentally friendly algae, neutralizers of moss, gentle surfactants and biodegradable detergents that can clean the most soiled roofs. They can also softly restore almost any roof to an as new appearance without any compromise to the structural integrity of the roof’s structure or environmental damage.

If you decide to get your roofing cleaned an “soft roof cleaning” contractor I’ve compiled some tips to help the process go smooth:

  1. Do not allow contractors to use a high-pressure washing machine on the roof.(Even certain “soft roof washing” companies occasionally choose to employ high pressure washers for short durations on specific regions of roofing. It’s either a soft or high pressure washing and there’s no middle ground.)
  2. Like any contractor you hire to work on your home, you must seek more than three referrals from previous customers who were happy.Contractors are always happy to boast about their good reputation, and if they are unwilling to give you references from their previous customers it is likely that they don’t have any.
  3. Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t have the right insurance and especially “roof cleaning insurance”.Many pressure washing services and cleaning firms will typically have sufficient insurance coverage that covers general clean-up. However, as the liability is higher the roof cleaning service is not always covered by low-level cleaning insurance almost all insurance companies will require additional charges for cleaning at a high level. Therefore, when you look up the insurance information of contractors that are submitting bids for work, ensure that they cover cleaning the roof.
  4. An excellent guideline for how professional a roof-cleaning firm is: is the quality of their company image.A well-designed and printed flyers, business cards and so on. are typically a great indicator of the quality of quality of the work you’ll be able to. Contractors also love showing prospective clients images and photos in portfolios of previous work. However, if they don’t have enough time required to create a professional appearance for these sales tools, professional, then they will not invest the time or effort to wash your roof in a timely manner.