Pros and Cons of Air Tracks

Have you recently heard about air track and want to know that whetehr they are perfect for you or not? If yes, you can do it by merely reading the pros and cons of air tracks. Here you will compare the pros and cons with your needs and the work for which you want them. So, let’s get into it:


Bouncier than Ordinary Mat

If you are a gymnast or athlete and want a workspace (a mat) for practicing some exercising that can cause injury on hard surface, then an air track is a perfect pick for you because of its bouncy nature.

Easy to Store

Most of the mats for yoga and exercising are not foldable, and you have to have a wide area or a complete room to store them. But air tracks are foldable, and you can store them anywhere.



When we compare an air track with other mats, it is extremely slippery than them.Many people complain about it because they cannot come on it without socks and sometiems they slip while running on it. If you also feel that this con is extremely bad, think again before buying.

Final Words

Another thing you should know before buying an air track is the place to buy. We always recommend you to go for Kameymall, especially when you are going for an online store.