Paramount Information about CNC Stone

The increasing market demand for products such as natural stone products has necessitated the use of automatic CNC machines. Today, almost all concrete plants have one or more CNC machines and use special CNC tools designed for stone, marble, granite, quartz and other new materials in the market.

CNC concrete processing machines use diamond tools such as synthetic diamond grinders, electroplating equipment and diamond blades. For quarries, diamond tools have become important and necessary, especially for processing hard stones such as granite and quartz.

Whether it’s countertop fabrication or granite carving, it’s important to use the right tools for the job and this can affect the cost and time spent on each project. At amastone, we partner with one of the largest masonry CNC tool manufacturers, who continually develop products to meet the demand for fast, durable and well-finished tools. At, if you are a stone designer, you will find a wide range of CNC diamond tools for marble, granite and all the new materials you need for your job today.
Our range of CNC diamond tools for concrete work includes:
Diamond engraving tools, router kits, bits, plumbing tools, finger tips, profile wheels and scraper wheels.
Upgrade your product quality with high quality diamond tools and fasten your chain by buying online from trusted Amastone granite manufacturers and suppliers.

Choose the right diamond for your CNC
There are many types of CNC diamond tools, and the choice depends on many factors. 5 Easy Questions for Choosing the Right CNC Tools for the Job
What elements should I work with?
Is marble, granite, quartz, basalt, engineered stone, ceramic?
Many materials can be processed today and each product has a diamond design tool, diamond edge or diamond bond (for sintered granite CNC tools).
For example, CNC granite engraving equipment is made of polycrystalline while CNC marble engraving tools are made of widia or electroplating.
CNC machine that I use.
Do you have a small CNC milling machine for engraving, a machining center for kitchen worktops, a 5-axis milling machine or a robot? This includes the type of fittings on the spindle and the tools available on the machine. Do you have a half oil spit and matching adapters? Do you have ISO or HSK handling tools for fingers, wheel tips and ER collets?
Type of work to be done.
In order to produce the final product, one or more of the following operations must be carried out: cutting, engraving, roughing or unloading. Different devices make the difference. The level of precision or completeness you want to achieve in your machining process.
It is also important to identify these points. If you want a high level of performance, you will need small tools and files to install your CAM software. Alternatively, a good average would suffice for this job. Use fewer tools because you’re using a larger tool and don’t need to grind too much.
my working hours. These terms are related to previous topics. Often the time it takes to complete a task is inversely proportional to its accuracy. But with the right tools, you can get the quality you want quickly.
Basic CNC masonry tools fall into 7 categories:
router a small piece
Engraving router kits include CNC rock routers and can be Widia (solid carbide), polycrystalline, or electroplated.
The CNC stone engraving tools are mainly used for engraving, lettering and marble to smooth finish. These devices have 10mm cylindrical shaft fits so they can be used on ER collet systems or spindles with adapters.
Router kit for flash and stone carving
CNC router equipment, also known as cnc stone engraving tools, are used to work on heavier engraving techniques, such as stone carving or roughing, before the process is complete. Generally with 1/2 gas or 10 mm and 14 mm cylindrical connections. Granite CNC engraving tools are made of sintered or polycrystalline diamond while marble engraving tools are electroplated.
CNC finger cutting is an important tool used for cutting with CNC machines. Little fingers work sideways. If you need to go into the material to be cut, make the first hole in the slab with a small drill core, then go into that hole to start cutting.
A special finger that comes with the diamond base enters the material from above and is called the little finger for cutting.
For marble cutting, there is also a slight rotation guide used for further machining.
Like stone tools, fingers can be sintered and galvanized. Sintered products have a variety of binders (bonds), which can be a bit tight. Finger set screws are usually 1/2 gas, but there are many end mills with cylindrical shafts.
cuttings log
The cut-off wheel is a diamond wheel for grinding, dressing slabs and removing material. Available in different diameters, the fittings are flanged. A suitable 1/2 gas flange or cone adapter for the brush wheel is required when using the brush wheel. profile diary
Profile wheels are an important tool for creating and grinding profiles in the production of kitchen and bathroom worktops. Profile wheels can be sintered or galvanized. There are many differences depending on the type of profile you want to achieve.
diamond bit
Diamond drill bits are used to execute holes and blind holes with a CNC machine. The main products are made having half oil fittings and the blind drill has 10mm shank fittings. Drainer tools
Water pumps are used to create grooves, kitchen drip lines. It includes a slotted bit for making grooves (drip) with a diameter between 10 mm and 12 mm, and a round blade (disc) for making grooves with a width of 15 mm.
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