Industrial Pipe Bending Process

Pipe bending machines bend any kind of metal pipes, regardless of material or size. The equipment ranges from hand-held machines that hinge, to hinged devices as in large hydraulic machines. There are a variety of processes that are that bend metals. Below are a few of them.


Press bending is a method of shaping cold tubes. A die with an arc shape is pressing the pipe, which causes the pipe to form to form a curve. But in this process the pipe doesn’t have any support inside, and as a result, there is a possibility that the pipe will be stretched. bending press machine is the best method with a straight cross section. the tube isn’t necessary.

Process of drawing using a Rotary

The process of drawing with rotary is one that gives you a perfect finish. It utilizes die sets with two components, the former die and the counter die. The shape is produced through the die used in the first while the counter die is used to push materials into the previous. Benders can be programmed to save different bend jobs. This procedure is used to bend pipes used for roll cages for motor vehicles Handrails, handles, handrails and many more. They also make perfectly curved bends when proper tools are employed to make bends.

Three roll push

Three roll push is a freeform process and is used to design geometries made up of a variety of curvatures of bending as well as 3D shaping. In this case, the bend profile of the metal is pushed between two rolls, the one that bends and support roll. The roll that forms the bend is the third roll , and it helps determine the bend’s radius.

The process of heat induction:

In the process of heating, the induction coil is employed to bend the tube. the coil is placed on the bend point. The coil is heated to temperatures of 430-1200 degrees centigrade. After the pipe has been hot, high pressure put to the pipe. This tension bends the pipe. It is chilled down by the air or water spray. This method is used to bend pipes for pipelines for petroleum and freeway signs, as well as power plant.

These are the various kinds of processes utilized in bending pipe. You can select the method which is the most effective for you based on the requirements you have.