How to Fix Your Bathtub Drain

If you’re experiencing issues in your bathtub that is filling with water every time you take shower, or perhaps the water runs out when you bathe or shower, you might need to fix your bathtub drain. All of these issues can be the result of a defective drain that can be easily fixed by the average home owner. A few tools and a small amount of know-how is all you require to repair the drain in your bathtub.

When you take a look at the drain in your bathtub does it have a level that moves the drain plug upwards and down? Maybe there is a drain requires manual movement upwards and downwards. The drain that is unlevered is the easiest to fix, and we’ll look at that first. To take the drain that is not levered you simply need to raise the stopper and then turn it clockwise to let it fall off. Utilizing pliers that are adjustable can assist to complete. Take the stopper off and clean out any gunk that is accumulating within the drain. After this it is possible to run hot water down the drain to wash any other debris that remains. After that, put the new drain inside the tubdrain repair Toronto.

In the event that you’ve got a drain that is levered it’s going to take some extra effort however it is an easy fix. First, you must make the drain open as wide as it will go by using the lever. Take the stopper, then move it slowly back and forth until it is taken out of the bathtub. After you’ve done this, you’ll need to remove the lever plate and then lift the entire assembly from the drain. Once you’ve taken everything out then you must go through the process of cleaning once more before replacing the lever and drain. The lever assembly should be scrubbed clean with a wire brush get rid of any build-up. You’ll need to visit an hardware store to repair the linkage. After all debris is cleaned and the linkage replaced, put in the new leveling plate into place. Install the bathtub stopper in the position and gently move it around until it is reattached to the chain. Check your work by shifting the lever forward and back to determine if it’s functioning.

The simple act of tackling plumbing tasks like this can help you save cash in the end. If you’re doing this for the first time as a DIY plumbing job will take just a few hours However, once you’ve developed into a more skilled DIYer tasks like this will not take long even if you are not a professional. Before making any repairs, make sure that there’s nothing blocking the drain that could be causing the issue. It’s possible to do this after pulling the stopper off. If something is blocking the drain , causes the stopper to not properly seal it is possible to make use of a wire hanger to clear the blockage.