Get a varsity jacket for all ages

The popular trend of wearing varsity jackets is finally catching on with women. Originally, the jacket was traditionally associated with men’s college teams, but now it has evolved to be a fashion statement worn by both sexes. With so many styles and colors to choose from, varsity jackets can go with any outfit you decide to wear it with. Plus, they are extremely warm and functional for the winter months.

The Varsity Jacket was a favorite among college students, but now it is also a popular fashion staple for those who love to dress up. To dress like a true varsity jacket wearer, you need to know all the history and know the right way to wear one. The first step is getting the right fit, which can be tricky if you don’t want to go down a size and show skin.

The varsity jacket has been a staple in high school and college culture for decades. Despite its popularity, many people don’t know how to wear the jacket, and end up with an outfit that is too casual or too dressy. The key to wearing a varsity jacket is to blend it with an outfit that is also dressy enough to make the “wow” factor work.

Sporty look for women:

If you’re looking for a sporty style, consider the varsity jacket. This type of jacket is made to be light weight and flexible with an elastic waistband, so it’s perfect for people who love to move around. Put one together with your favorite jeans or leggings and go out on the town.

An option for the sporty woman is to wear a varsity jacket. Varsity jackets provide comfort, style, and warmth; they are perfect for running errands or even shopping at the mall. A varsity jacket can be paired with any bottom like jeans or leggings. The versatility of this piece means that you’ll be ready for anything.

Many women go to college and continue to live in the campus dorms and eat at the cafeteria for meals. It’s not uncommon for these ladies to be living out of a suitcase for an entire year or two, which is why they usually need a few pieces of clothing that can fit into their luggage. The Varsity Jacket from Macy’s is a great piece that fits the bill.

Sporty Look for Men:

It doesn’t matter what sport you play on the field, there is always a need for an athletic look. A varsity jacket has been a tradition for collegiate teams and athletes since the 50’s. Traditionally, these jackets were only made in school colors, but now they are available in many colors and patterns to match any team or personal style.

Many people wear varsity jackets as their go-to garments for casual wear because of their comfortability.

Ever since the first letter jackets were worn on varsity sports teams, they’ve become a staple of sporting gear. Nowadays, they’re not only used during the game but are stylish enough to wear on campus. For fall 2016, there are several sporty looks for men in varsity jackets that offer both warmth and style.

A lot of men may not know how to wear a varsity jacket, but it can be a trendy way for a man in a casual outfit. The most important thing with this look is the pairing- so don’t forget your sneakers and jeans!

The style of the jacket can be any one from vintage to modern. It’s all about what you match with it.