Electric heater use precautions and set values of circulation systems

Electric heater host installation host should be positionally stably placed in place for monitoring, operation, and maintenance. In order to facilitate the maintenance and disassembly of the host heaters, the wire connections of the heaters should have sufficient space, and it is recommended to install the valves adapted to the use conditions at the import and export line of the host. The host, accompaniment, attachment, and all pipes in front of the installation are completely cleaned, and clean internal water, foreign matter. When the electric heater is strictly insisted on starting the circulating pump, it will stop the circulating pump. When parking, the heat-conducting oil circulation pump continues to operate, so that the oil temperature is reduced to the order of operation of the pump when the oil temperature is below 100 ° C, and this is not possible to fall this. order. After driving or adding new oil, it is necessary to remove moisture and light components in the conductive oil. It should be noted during the dehydration exhaust gas, and the system temperature is raised to 100 ° C, slowing down the temperature rise, in order to make moisture and light The components can be sufficiently vaporized and emptied multiple times, and when the temperature of the heat-conducting oil is in line with the corresponding relationship, it room heater can be operated in accordance with the specified heating curve. The installation and commissioning of the heat transfer oil electric heater should first check the random file, whether the accessories are consistent with the packing order; check the host and its random accessories, electrical appliances, if there is damage, loose phenomenon, should be handled in time; check if the installation site is in line with the environment Require. Precautions for the use of heat transfer oil electric heater is to eliminate oil-free, less oils or operate at the temperature of the heating and high temperature oil pumps; To avoid damage to the heating equipment. The whole system is strictly prohibited to leak. If the leak should be processed in time, the thermal oil opening flash point is mostly in the range of 130-190 ° C, so the on-site should be equipped with appropriate fire protection equipment. The equipment driving program is heated after the pump is opened. The parking program is stopped first and then stopped the pump. The heat transfer oil electrical heater equipment is in normal operation, which is strictly prohibited to add new conductive oil to the heating system. The pressure difference fluctuation fluctuation fluctuation in the circulatory system is large, the temperature difference is exceeded, and when the flow rate is lower than the set value, the system cannot be put into normal operation, and the measures should be taken to eliminate the above phenomenon, and the indicators are stable to set up When the range is set, the entire system can be operated normally. It is necessary to insist on duty tour inspection system. The duty personnel should check the key parts of the system, such as circulatory pump, high tank, liquid level, pressure gauge, temperature control instrument, flow meter, bypass filter, etc. to be inspected on time, and found abnormalities. Timely exclude.