Dating and Relationships: Why didn’t he call?

You’re out with some friends on Saturday night and you unexpectedly meet a handsome stranger. The evening is filled with flirting, drinking and dancing. He asks for your number and says he’d like to take you out to dinner at the end of the evening.

You feel elated as you climb into the taxi. Despite the fact that your shoes have made your feet sore, you manage to grin uncontrollably. The sound of a text message interrupts your thoughts. You silently wish that he would reach for your handbag as you reach for it. YES! He’s telling you how much his company was appreciated and will call you later… OMG, IS LIFE GREAT!trial separation boundaries

Sunday afternoon – no phone calls, he may be sleeping, it was late at night, I’m certain he’ll call tonight… Sunday Evening – He has an early start to his job so he will likely leave it for tomorrow. Monday evening – He may be playing it cool. He doesn’t want his appearance to be too enthusiastic. Tuesday evening – He hasn’t called. He told me he liked me and wanted me to go out for dinner. If he wasn’t interested, why did he say this?

This is the reality for all of you guys who are reading this. It may have been a polite gesture or a spontaneous request. However, it doesn’t mean that you are causing any harm to someone’s feelings. This may seem OTT. Think about those times you’ve tried to approach a woman after she had been sending you signals and you were rejected. You’re just smirking and thinking that she doesn’t know how it feels.

Guys, in case you are thinking that she has my number, why not just call me? First, you have to follow up on the request for the number. You said that you would call. If a woman calls, it’s likely you will think she is either desperate or overly eager. Thirdly, pride is a part of women’s lives. Let’s face it, your interest in the chase is going to wane without it.

Why has he not called you, ladies? When guys ask for your number, it is often at the exact moment that he intends on using it. The game changes once that moment is over. He will ponder it the next day, and ask himself if he was wearing his beer glasses. What was his connection with you? Does he see long-term potential or is this just a night of fun? Are you ready or able to commit to a long-term relationship? The list could go on. In a nutshell, if your guy doesn’t call you back within 72 hours, it’s likely that he isn’t interested in talking to you. It doesn’t really matter how busy a man is. If he truly likes you, he will make the effort to reach out to you.

Let’s flip the tables, just for argument sake. Imagine that you meet someone at singles events or in bars and you fall in love with her. You spend the majority of the evening with her and then at the end you ask for her number. She insists on having your number and promises to call you. What does that make you feel? You may be able to let go of your male ego and move on if you can. You will go through the same things as women, depending on how much she liked you.

The moral of the story is that all adults are adults. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-off thing. Please don’t give their number if you aren’t going to make the call.