Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

Mineral makeup brushes are brushes that are specially made for precise application of the different shades of the famous mineral makeup. This set should be an integral part of every woman’s cosmetic kit. Perhaps the best thing about these brushes is that they can be purchased singly or in sets depending on a certain woman’s preference.

Mineral makeup is the newest beauty trend of the past 50 years. It is composed of a set of all natural ground minerals processed from the earth’s surface. The number of women who appreciate this contemporary type of makeup is continuously exploding because it contains no harsh chemicals, dyes and preservatives that are usually found in the other kinds.

Manufacturers of this kind of makeup make sure that they create materials that can be used for any occasion. The beautiful effect of this makeup, however, will only be accomplished with the help of mineral makeup brushes. These brushes aid artists and other makeup enthusiasts accomplish a professional and well-balanced finish.

Here are some of the most famous mineral makeup brushes:


  • Dome Brushes. They are made of makeup brush manufacturer soft bristles that form a full rounded head shape. This brush is usually used to apply mineral foundation. To apply mineral foundation, gently brush on face forming circular motions.
  • Blush Brushes. They are also made of soft bristles that are tapered towards the end. To apply mineral brush, load and dust over cheekbones.
  • Blending Brushes. These brushes are made of slightly stiff bristles that form a tapering head end so as to provide flawless and even coverage. They are used primarily to blend liquid and gel mineral foundations. To apply these kinds of foundations, pat on skin and gently sweep brush to blend.
  • Angles Brushes. These brushes are made up of soft bristles that are cut at a certain angle so as to allow accurate application of mineral makeup. They are used to apply mineral blush and foundation to areas that can not be covered by other bulky brushes. To apply blush or foundation, load color at head end of brush. Slightly sweep at said areas and you are good to go.
  • Detail Brushes. These brushes are made of soft bristles that are form a flat or square end. They can be used to apply mineral eye shadows with impact. To use these brush, load colors and pat on eyelids or other desired areas then blend.
  • Shadow Brushes. These are made of short and tapered bristles. They are used basically to apply mineral eye shadow with deep tones. They are used for to shade into crease. To use, load makeup on tip and gently sweep along the crease.
  • Lip Brushes. These brushes are made of soft bristles that form a tapering head end. They are used for perfect application of mineral lip shades. To use, dip tip of brush into mineral lip color. Gently sweep on lips.